IDJ'18  [1/28(Sat)-2/3(Sat)]



1/29(Mon) : Nagoya

1/30(Tue) : Kyoto, Osaka

1/31(Wed) -2/2(Fri) : Tokyo


[Company Visits & Other Experience]

Group Photo 
           Group Photo (Preferred Network)                      Group Photo (Pepti Dream)
               Presentation (team Lab)                                    Presentation (Picrystal)
         Facility Tour (Microwave Chemical)                      Discussion (Astroscale)
        Exhibition (Central Japan Railway)                             Exhibition (Toyota)
    “Experience” technology (Shinkansen)                 Japanese Culture and Cuisine
[Participants Feedback]
Satisfaction Rate (High=5, Low=1)

“I was surprised and impressed to learn about the entrepreneurial culture in Japan. That's not something I would have really associated with my concept of Japanese business culture until I visited the small businesses and met some entrepreneurs on IDJ.”

“This trip was an excellent opportunity to experience the industrial/business world of Japan. I really enjoyed the companies that we visited, particularly the startup companies. Their motivation to prove the potential of their technology to Japan industry was very moving and genuine.”

“It definitely piqued my interest in studying or working in Japan at some point.”

“Japanese culture is amazing. Japanese are hard workers and very smart. I am impressed by their perseverance and good ideas. In terms of culture, I am always impressed by their organization, cleanliness, and rich history.”